FT Wilshire GLIO Listed Infrastructure Index Series

Clearest exposure to globally listed companies which own and/or operate infrastructure assets

FT Wilshire GLIO Listed Infrastructure Index Series is designed to capture and measure the performance of infrastructure companies that fall into 11 key sectors

In partnership with the Global Listed Infrastructure Organisation (GLIO), which is the representative body for the $3 trillion market capitalization listed infrastructure asset class1. GLIO raises investor awareness for the asset class through research, indices, data, education, and events.

Going beyond the pre-existing simple industry classification for company selection, the FT Wilshire GLIO Listed Infrastructure Index series uses industry accepted EBITDA, rather than revenue, to determine infrastructure relevance.

Available Index Series

Key Infrastructure Sectors
Electric Utilities
Marine Ports
Gas Utilities
Water Utilities
Energy Transport Storage
Infrastructure can be broadly separated into the following hierarchical structure:

Airports, Marine Ports, Railways, Roads

Electric, Gas and Water Utilities

Companies which use wind, solar, hydro, and other renewable energy sources for the generation of electricity

Energy Storage and Transportation
Companies involved in the processing and delivery of natural resources, including gas & oil pipelines, plus LNG liquefaction & regasification. Storage includes gas, liquids and other resources.

Communications Infrastructure
Telecommunications, Cables, Satellites,

Index Returns

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